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The idea of a shorter school week paired with eliminating school in the hottest months of the year are environmentally sound practices.

Also police should ride with a partner, so calls require fewer patrol cars in case of needing more police presence.

The best thing for battling carbon emissions is forests, but our growth is dwindling much of that, so we need to increase our tree and shrubs. All exit ramps that have open space should have trees filling it. Medians when applicable should have shrubs and hedges. Infrastructure usage should include building hempcrete sidewalks as this increases agriculture opportunities and hempcrete has been shown to still absorb carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. All walk ways need to be lined with fruit trees managed by the department of agriculture and available for anyone who needs fruit to have access to it. All city streets and state highways not including interstates shall have bike paths.

State vehicles need to be electric or plug-in hybrids when possible. Grants should be made available for all government operations of any level within Tennessee to make fleet vehicles electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids when applicable.

All state funded buildings will have solar panels. All energy providers need solar panels on their properties.

No waste should be dumped in water ways by a business or treatment plant.

Cities should be able to drill for wells to increase water for their communities.

We should encourage a full transition form petroleum based plastics to plant based plastics.

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