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Impact Fees

#ImpactFees in 2020 @dsjernigan had his attempt for #MetroNashville to impose #ImpactFees shot down by Republicans in favor of #RealtorsLobby and have the audacity to blame Nashville for not being capable of keeping up with the growth demands.

In 2022 they killed it again as #metrocounciloffered it as a compromise to hosting the #RNC in 2024. Cepicky who is backed by the same group paying to kill #ImpactFees authored his own #ImpactFee bill, but refused to work with @dsjernigan for a bipartisan movement.

His also didn’t get any traction because the @TNGOP is beholden to donors not #voters. The lackluster response by Cepicky is who spent more of his time in the #TNLeg talking adolescent genitalia than helping prevent the need for a #MauryCounty property tax hike.

Cepicky just plays games with his constituents; he has not passed a single piece of legislation that actually benefits anyone in the 64th or anywhere else in Tennessee for that matter. His message when debating #JasonGilliam was nothing of substance to help Tennessee

But everything about his desire to be in the US House of Representatives, but he knows he lacks the charisma for it. He is wrong for our district; he is wrong for our state. He knows he isn’t working on #ImpactFees but pedaling a dishonest discussion. #ImpactFees requires balance

In the #TNLeg Scott Cepicky doesn’t want balance and doesn’t care about Maury County. We can’t pass the #ImpactFee with this #Republicansupermajority actively distracting from actual issues to pass stupid stuff for problems that don’t exist. Please this November remember me

Jameson Manor for 64

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