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Jameson Manor for TN 64

Thank you for visiting my campaign site; my name is Jameson Manor, and I am running for office in the Tennessee State House of Representatives as a Democrat in the 64th District. I am a father of two daughters, and my fiancé, Terri Allen, brings her son and his growing family including our granddaughter and grandson on the way as well as her daughter into our blended family. I am a teacher with a Masters of Education in Health and Wellness, and I will be seeking a Doctorate of Education in Leadership in Health and Wellness as well. I am a veteran teacher beginning my coaching career at Loretto High School in 2003. I taught as an interim physical education teacher at East Hickman Elementary School after graduating from Athens State University with a Bachelors of Science in Education focused on Physical Education in 2005. From 2006-2009, I taught at the King’s Daughters’ School Center For Autism on Trotwood Avenue in Columbia, TN. Returning to East Hickman to teach and coach from 2009-2021, where I taught Physical Education, Wellness, Biology, and Ecology, and coached Football and Boys’ Soccer. In 2021, I became the Teaching As a Profession, and Horticulture Teacher at Culleoka Unit School.

As I begin this campaign for State Representative, I bring some ideas that I believe are important issues for our great state, and I am open to hearing from others to ensure that our district is adequately represented by the issues that are important to us. A great part of the layout of the 64th District is the fact that it is our Maury County as the district; it is regrettable that other parts of our county will be in a district that covers 2 hours worth of driving distance as issues like #SaveLickCreek does not impact Savannah, TN.

I live in Spring Hill and work in Culleoka; my brother and his family lives in Columbia, and my Step-son and his family is building in the Riverside area now. Our county is growing rapidly, and we need representation that understands the impact of bills passed on the average Maury County resident. Maury County is projected to be approximately 500,000 residents in the next 5-6 years, but we need the state to recognize the importance of this issue to our neighborhoods.

I believe in the idea of Leadership should reflect service, and we as a state need to be progressing not regressing to meet these service needs. Our teacher shortage is not getting better if our state legislature continues to allow assaults on the profession. Housing here is outpacing the pay of our civil servants, so we are rapidly closing into a time when Teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, and social workers cannot afford to start lives in this county. We cannot grow and remain effective if we do not embrace this moment and invest in our civil servants; if we truly support these groups, then we as a state will rally to ensure that people serving our community can live in our community.

As your representative, I ensure you that I will work to make living in this great state something do able for all of us. We have a moment to grasp, and we must not let go of this as now is the time to build something better. Now is the time to guarantee that our children can afford to live here as adults. Now is the time to invest in our future by investing in the present. It is not the time to allow a group not from Tennessee to write ideas for our legislatures to pass to mimic other states.

Thank you for being a part of this; please follow me on email:, twitter: campaign- @jTN64 personal @coachjm68 ACT Blue account, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube to follow soon.

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