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I mentioned a need for juvenile Justice reform, but we need an overhaul on much of what is happening in our court system and justice departments.

Yes, I believe police like all civil servants should receive better wages, benefits, and working shifts. I also want to see more training and expunging of officers that violate the oath of office, and by doing so helping protect the majority of our officers that are being diligent servants of our public safety. I want to see continuing education units and training. I want to see taxes on firearms and ammunition go directly to fund the local police departments. I think every shift needs multiple case worker social workers to be a part of the mental health crisis and family crisis situations that police are called to help with. I think we need to move to allowing scanners on the squad car to check if the vehicle is registered and insured with 0 contact to limit risk of accidents involving traffic stops.

Constables need to move to a paid full time elected position.

Courtroom changes that I would like to see: municipal courts handle more of the civil matters freeing up the circuit court judges for more important matters. A referendum on chancery court as it needs to move more like other courts and be more unbiased evidence based rather than judges opinions on lawyer arguments. If it is unacceptable in one court due to it not being credible as evidence based it should be banned in all courts. Science backed by its field should not be forced on equal footing as pseudoscience that has no validity scales or backing by the official language of that field.

More juvenile courts. More available judges overall for the state.

Child support needs to be reimagined in a manner that fits the modern ideas of child custody cases. Each parent should have an amount not to exceed 30% garnished pretax, and the money should be distributed based on percent of days the minor(s) are in that parents custody.

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