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Nutrition and Wellness

My Masters is in Health and Wellness, so this is an area I want to discuss even though it is small in the consideration of most people.

Nutrition every school lunch and breakfast should have a vegan option. This benefits those who are vegan, people who practices Hindu, Catholics during Lint, Jews, Muslims, Seventh-Day Adventist, and Jehovah’s Witnesses as some meat options are not compliant with their religious practices.

Nutritionist, chiropractors, message therapy, personal and group fitness training, gym memberships, and Wellness programs should be health insurance available.

Mental Health LPCs and LMFTs are not qualified without a doctorate for diagnostic treatment and should not be relied upon in professional or legal practices. Mental Health should not have a co-pay. ADHD treatment should include behavioral intervention and medicine when needed, but not medicine alone.

As previously stated WIC approved foods should be taxed at a significantly lower rate.

Athletic Trainers should be a part of all public schools. LCSWs should also be in schools.

The State Department of Health should operate an office with full medical, dental, vision, Occupational, physical, behavioral, and speech therapies as well as behavioral health adjacent to all public schools.

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