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Primaries/Local Election

First off Maury County Democrats made an important investment in our county by having Jeremy Humphrey on the County Commissioners ticket. I know many of our community raised concerns over the idea of partisan local elections, but the Republicans in Maury County already took it there, and we’re playing catch-up as a result. If you are or know someone in Jeremy’s district 7 go support our candidate.

Reports are showing poor overall turnout for this primary, which is putting all of our community at risk. Every election matters, so #GOTV in this one this mayor’s race is crucial if we want to elevate from having an embarrassment like Andy.

I believe we need some overhauling of our process in Tennessee, mainly now that we are seeing a more partisan range in local elections in order to maximize voter participation local elections should be paired with the general election not the primaries, because I value your ability to vote I want to make that a change moving forward among other things.

Thank You for reading.

Jameson Manor

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