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Primary is over on to the General

Takeaways from the primary yesterday: I am disappointed to see such a low turnout overall in our county. Less than 20% of people showed up to vote in our county for all elected parts. More people voted against Scott Cepicky than voted for Scott Cepicky. Jason Gilliam ran a campaign that was based on being decent for our neighbors and a quite moderate campaign compared to Cepicky running a campaign on obstruction and extremist language. If you voted for Jason Gilliam in the Republican primary, I want you to know we are not as far a part in what we want for our state as Cepicky and Gilliam are; you can be proud that you voted for someone running on human decency. I implore you to give me a chance to earn your consideration; my campaign is to help the average Tennessean, because I am just that. I grew up in a working class home, I was lucky to get my education with low debt, and I want that for our next generation. I work in a profession that places me in the median group of our county. I got into education because I have a passion for developing children, and all of us in education have love our students and want the best for them, so those things drives how I approach my perspectives on the role of politics in our community. I have a true belief that we as a state or more like what I described Jason Gilliam and his supporters to be than who Scott Cepicky shows himself to be. We are not selfish, hateful, unwilling to compromise for our neighborhoods best interests. We saw it with our county commissioners when they overrode Andy Ogles’ veto on the budget, because they all admitted there were parts of the budget that they wish were different, but due to study and discussion they created an honest and good faith budget that could have been better if our Representative actually worked to make impact fees work instead of the lip service to our county and helping burry it for votes for school vouchers scam that Scott sold us out for in session. We need diversity in thinking to create a well rounded method of governing because we can have a discussion. This election isn’t about republican versus democrat; this is about the needs of what benefits wealthy donors versus what matters to Tennesseans.

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