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Social and Civil Servants

I have touched on this a few times, but it resonates with me.

How do we boost our economy? By controlling what we can control.

Social and civil servants deserve raises, free benefits, free college continuing education advanced degrees for them and their families. What does this fix?

When you factor school employees, police, fire departments, EMS, social workers, sanitation, government employees, and nurses into the mix that makes up a large swath of our community. If we pay them more and cut their expenses, we boost what they spend at the grocery store, convenient store, shopping center, entertainment, homes, cars, etc. By putting money in the hands of the people, we generate more money in the local economy. We can control this. No government employee should have to take less for their services than for profit institutions might.


We have a growing shortage for teachers, nurses, and several skilled laborers. We have to address this economic issue. By paying Post Secondary educators at least the mean of what their student industry will make. This fills that shortage and decreases waiting lists for Tennessee College of Applied Technology programs. It also reduces the shortage of associate and bachelors level instructors, which is backing up our programs at higher levels.

The nursing shortage has numerous issues creating this shortage. Some are good problems and others are tragic. The demand for nurse practitioners and it’s pathways has pulled many that would have been RNs or BSNs years ago to advance more quickly, and that is a good thing. The fact that so many are short staffed, over worked, with little opportunity to rest is leading to more leaving the profession and fewer finding it, and we have a greater number of nurses reaching retirement age than incoming nursing students. Like all social and civil servants I believe we as a state must build incentives to grow this field from where it was

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