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Some new thoughts

First off, I am not very good at this whole website thing, so it maybe kind of wonky for now.

We are in some dark moments with the way the Republicans have positioned harm for our state on many issues.

The support all of the current Republican candidates give to Gov. Lee’s Quid Pro Quo voucher and charter school movement was shown even more obvious that they are trying to destroy the sanctity of a free and public education with Arnn’s comments about our intelligence as educator. It is not enough to say you support teachers or some of us are good. These politicians aligned with Lee are continuing their assault on Tennessee by attacking the largest employer in each and every county in Tennessee. We have a teacher shortage because people pretending to lead that are grifting off of our neighbors and investors are showing they plan to dumb down our children. They are upset that with knowledge and information their grandchildren are more empathetic than they are, so they attack the start of it. I am fighting to grow our profession, and by doing so we can grow the other growing shortages. We have to act like every warning sign is important, because they are. Roe v. Wade - Women are not livestock; they have the right to choose their best interest. Right wing hyperbole for dishonesty minimizes the life of every single person that may be faced with the need for an abortion. They proved themselves to be callous and hateful when non of them stood up to condemn what we witnessed out of Ohio with the 10 year old rape victim being told she would have to remain pregnant, because it was an “opportunity” these are the same types of people that want abortion to carry a stiffer penalty than rape! We as a state need to lead with empathy and understanding not hate and lunacy.

Empathy and understanding is the launching point for everything that I wish to do in the State House of Representatives.

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