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Some stances at a glance

Everything I stand on starts with people in mind; the foundation of service based leadership is empathy and understanding.

Education first off as an educator I understand what is happening, and with my years of experience, I have seen flowery language from politicians come and go and rarely improve the work we are doing for our students. We have to invest in educators to end the teacher shortage that is facilitating other industry shortages from pre-k through post secondary we have to do better. We have to offer the students programs that have evolved with us, and learn how we got here to keep progressing. Public education is the backbone of our local communities and our foundation of equality and a method of equity to be a better Tennessee for all.

Juvenile rights to often our justice system is forcing kids to either be disciplined as an adult or for them to handle the consequences of adult issues without any true regards for their best interests. Both of these scenarios hurt children and set them back as adults. In all court cases they deserve a guardian ad litem, they deserve a judge that understands juvenile laws and that is independent of the proceedings of adult cases. They deserve a court that believes their needs are equal to if not greater than the argument of lawyers representing adults and their cases should require an LCSW with case management experience in all cases including child custody.

Healthcare is a human right and should not be discriminatory of people by race, sex, gender, age, life circumstances, or beliefs. Because some abortions especially late term abortions are medical necessity and sexual abuse of minors/late developing “adults” Or congenital reasons there makes debating with those who believe there should be no reason for abortions impossible, we must ensure the rights of all who may become pregnant without such a desire to be protected to make that choice for life saving life altering surgery; it is not someone else’s choice, but if the state of Tennessee is to force pregnancy, it should also be an equal partner in child support.

The following will get their own pages as well.

Health Insurance

Workers’ rights

Social Servants

Justice pathways


Development and Infrastructure

Job Creation and the State of Tennessee



Voting Rights and Practices



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