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Thank You For Your Service

This post is going to go a little long, but I believe it’s worth starting this discussion.

I met some great veterans some of which fought in Vietnam at First Friday on the square and had a great time talking with them not about my campaign but letting them guide the conversation to things on their hearts and minds. These gentlemen were fantastic and although on some issues we may not see eye to eye they have the ability to have honest and open discussions and what makes them special is a true love for serving others.

As a country, we have abused the phrase “thank you for your service,” as it is often rattled off to veterans without a single thought of what we are actually saying. It is time that the words be shown true by our actions, and we actually show our heroes gratitude for their service. So many people say it, especially politicians, with no real demonstration of the love that this message should carry with it.

We all saw where Republicans in Congress and the Senate played games with the lives of veterans with their stunt on the Honoring our Pact Act using the men and women of our armed forces as pawns in their political chess match. They have no problems funding blank checks for the machines, weapons, technology, etc, but they struggle to take care of those suffering from their time at war. This should NEVER be partisan, yet it had to be for a showy stunt, because they don’t care about people. Our military recruitment is not down because of anything other than our young people have lost faith in our government to honor their service with more than words.

Every year the defense budget goes up massively, but how much of that is an investment in our Troops and veterans? Almost none of the increases are for the backbone of our military, but it can always go up for some investors toy design. Many of us question why we increase it so often, but my question is always why do we need more tools and not a better investment in our service people? We need to elect people at a National level that values people over toys. We need to elect Heidi Campbell for District 5.

We as a state also need to re-evaluate what we are doing. First thing I want to do is re-write the US History requirements for High School moving to required American History 1 (pre-colonial through the 1872) American History 2 (1873-present), and I want to see an actual in-depth look at the 1960-1979 and serious looks at the 20 plus years of war in the Middle East. Vietnam should not be left to the movies; this happened it isn’t about war stories, but it is about learning and understanding what happened. Remember more than ninety percent of educators were not alive for Vietnam many of us were children during the Gulf War, so it is time to expand history so our children understand why we are who we are today. We cannot ignore the past we must lean from it to understand what it is we thank our veterans for. We must thank them with healthcare, we must thank them with support, with empathy, with opportunities, and with a true since of what America should be. I want to encourage Dr. Jason Martin to consider this as part of our state’s direction in his campaign for Governor. Let us thank them for their service not with words but action. Please Get Out and Vote, the democracy that sustains the very Republic our veterans swore an oath to protect is each of our solemn duty to participate in to start our thank you.

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