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We need a break

Tons of discussion on inflation, which could be curved just by actively fightMing against price gouging.

What can we do as a state? This may not fix inflation but it helps Tennessean overall.

  1. 2 different sales tax guidelines should be founded. If it is WIC approved groceries, diapers, simple clothes, and affordable shoes should be taxed at half their current rate. Everything else should have an increase in taxation. So necessities should be lower taxes than luxury items.

  2. Make all Tennessee residents able to buy into the same insurance packages the state employees have.

  3. TennCare for birth-24 and available for 55+ for cheaper option. TennCare should also be used as supplemental Medicare part B for seniors.

  4. Set wage floors for each qualification. It isn’t enough to discuss raising minimum wage without ensuring that the rest of Tennesseans get a raise.

  5. Use state funds to create jobs such as expanding state department of agriculture, education, healthcare, Department of Children Services (with living wages for social workers)and increase funding for EMS, Fire departments, and police.

  6. The Tennessee College of Applied Technology and all other post secondary schools should be empowered to pay instructors equal or more than what they could earn working in the field to increase instructors maximizing enrollment, and help prevent short from arising due to wait periods.

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