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Workers’ Rights

One stance that would help workers is from my health insurance post earlier. A few other things.

We must protect the rights to unionized labor. Unions function to ensure the better quality of working conditions, pay, and benefits of the worker. The workers are people of Tennessee not the corporate interest and we should serve those working in our state as they are Tennesseans.

Pay people should be paid at a minimum of what the requirements are for the job. We get caught up on minimum wage needing to be a living wage, but we miss that social workers make what we say should be the new minimum wage and it requires a bachelors at minimum. Every form of post secondary requirements should have a salary floor. Any salaried job that is at least 9 months in length, should be paid at least at that minimum based on 52 weeks at 40 hours per week.

Birth of a child both parents should be given at least 6 months if not 1 year off each within the first 2 years of the birth of a new child with full pay and benefits. Parents could arrange to have a parent home with the child for 1-2 years with no fear of income issues and it would free up days parents take babies to the doctor for benchmarks, and child care opening.

State should offer child care from age 2-6. Anything else would be a great benefit from employers.

Uniformed School Calendars established by the DOE this sounds like it could go many places, but I like it here too. If every TN employer knows the school calendar for all schools in the state scheduling breaks becomes easier not harder. For school employees, this is a working issue, and for energy concepts this empowers more flexibility in how we accomplish education. This will also tie to State workers. School Calendars should run, the Tuesday after Labor Day- the Friday before Fathers’ Day, and all state funded jobs except for emergency services, should be Tuesday through Friday. These moves cut energy of operations in we eliminate the hottest 2 months from the calendar, and we now have floating Mondays to schedule trainings, parent teacher conference, PLCs and more without changing the schedule. Cutting 1 day/week of diesel demands, HVAC demands, cooking, days of waste in the dumpsters, water at the schools, and overall traffic. Set days each week makes it easier to plan the week for working parents compared to random Thursday off in October. Increase of three day weekends also makes scheduling workers vacations more likely to have those throughout the year instead of everyone vying for the same dates.

Sick-Leave and PTO if these are benefits they should be paid out upon leaving, and they shouldn’t be held captive for workers to take time they need.

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